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Monday, February 6, 2023


"The Question" 20.3x15.3 cm ink monotype, USA - 2022

The poem in this picture by me (Irina Kladova) . It is written in Russian using Buslaev script (Buslaev psalter, last quarter of 15th century).
Spend your last money to buy a piece of bread.
Then donate it to those left behind.
Son, why do you buy bullets instead?
Do they keep us alive?

"Blues" 29.5x44.5 cm, monotyp ink on paper. USA - 2022

"Couple" 29,5x40,5 cm. Ink monotype. USA - 2021

"Lena" 22x29.7cm. Ink monotype. USA - 2017

"Couple-2" 32x46,5cm. Ink monotype. USA - 2021


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