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Monday, August 1, 2022

Lesson #4 is published


Let's shade a little to study a value scale in my new tutorial for beginners.

 Урок №4 Зимняя ночь

 Lesson#4 Winter night



 We are going to take a closer look to color temperature and achromatic colors in the Butterfly painting tutorial. 

 Урок №3 "Бабочка" на русском

 Lesson #3 "Butterfly" in English


Chack out the new look of the color wheel. The flower! Why not ?😉

You'll understand some artist jargon. For example what do the terms primary, secondary or tertiary colors mean.  As well as continue to improve your watercolor technical skills

 Урок №2 на русском

 Lesson #2 in English


I finally published the first tutorial for beginners. It is available in Russian and English. I hope to do such videos regularly. Check it out. 

     The colorful pineapple (English)
 Ананас (на русском)