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Watercolor artist. International Brand Ambassador for Rockwell art supplies irina01 for 10% discount.

Watercolor painting

"Stuff found in my purse on Monday"
watercolor on paper, acrylic UV protection 
5x5 inch, USA - 2024 (SOLD)

"Silver waterfall" watercolor on paper
16x13 inch USA - 2024
Available in  Kladovaart Etsy shop

Peonies (study) watercolor on paper
USA - 2024

"Once in the silent evening", watercolor on paper, triptych 18" x 24" each part, 2023 - USA

Available in Kladovaart Etsy Shop

“Pals on the fence” 10x7 in, 
watercolor on paper, USA - 2023 

"An autumn challenge". 
Watercolor on paper, 21x16 in, USA - 2023

"A glossy way". Watercolor on paper, 12x16 in, 
USA - 2023

"Autumn. The Anise Star.",
watercolor on the paper,
24x18 in, USA - 2023 (Sold)

"Autumn. Melancholy Mood",
watercolor on the paper,
24x16 in. USA - 2023

"The day on the beach" 
watercolor and coffee on the paper. 
12x16 in - 2023, USA

"The Lighthouse" 12x15.75 in. 
Watercolor on the paper, 2023 - USA

"The Blue Heron", watercolor on paper,
 2023 - USA (Sold)

"Western tanager", watercolor on the paper, 
12x16 in,  USA - 2023

"Laws of the time", watercolor on the paper. 
12.7x12.7 cm, 2023 - USA

"Marinade" watercolor on the paper, 
12.7x12.7cm, 2023-USA 

Willow and gerberas, 45.5x60.7 cm, 
watercolor on paper
USA - 2023

Pink gladiolus, 27.4x 36.4, 
watercolor on paper
USA - 2023

"Pionies" 40x52.5cm, aquarelle on paper,

"White peonies", 53x40.6cm, aquarelle on paper,

"Pink Peonies" 40.6x41.4, aquarelle on paper,

Lupines, aquarelle, 60x41.5cm, 2022, USA

Maple, 40.5 29.5 cm, watercolor on paper 
USA - 2022

The grass. Paper, aquarelle. 44.2x59.2 cm,
 2021 - USA

Roses. Paper, aquarelle. 8x10 in, 
2021 - USA

Yellow gerbera. Paper, aquarelle. 19.2x26cm,
2021 - USA

Chamomile and eucaliptus. Paper, aquarelle.
 20x21.7cm 2021 - USA

"The Distance" 
8x6 in, watercolor on the handmade paper, 
USA - 2022

"The way out" 11x7.5 in, 
watercolor on the handmade cotton paper
USA - 2022

"Bees" 12x16.5 in, watercolor on paper,
USA - 2022

Gold Creek pond, aquarelle, 45x29,7cm.
USA - 2022

"Under the protection" 60.5x45 cm,
 aquarelle on paper, USA - 2022

"Cowell Beach", watercolor, 60.2x44.5 cm,
2016, USA (Sold)

"Sunflowers", watercolor, 51х44 cm, 2016, USA (Sold)

"Lighthouse",watercolor, 20х15.5 cm, 2017,
 USA (Sold)

"Red apples",watercolor, 44х22 cm, 2017, USA

"Carnations", watercolor,
28.7x32.8 cm, 2016 USA (Sold)

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